Class Arachnida

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African Giant Black Millipede Mite

Julolaelaps mite Archispirostreptus gigas

Julolaelaps sp.

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Daddy Longlegs

Daddy longlegs buy

Order Opiliones

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Dog Tick

Buy dead dog tick

Family Ixodidae

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Hissing Cockroach Mite

buy dead mite Androlaelaps

 Family Laelapidae

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Lone Star Tick

Buy dead tick Amblyomma

Order Ixodida, Family Ixodidae

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Ornate Harvestman

Vonones ornata buy dead

Order Opiliones, Family Cosmetidae

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buy dead bark scorpion Centruroides

Order Pseudoscorpiones

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Random Tick

Buy dead tick preserved dried

Order Ixodida, Order Ixodida

  • Price: $4.00

Tanzanian Whipspider

Damon diadema buy dead Amblypygi dried

Order Amblypygi

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Varroa Mite

Varroa destructor Mite Buy Specimen

Pests of Honeybee colonies

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Vinegaroon dead buy

Order Uropygi

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solifugae buy dead windscorpion

Family Solifugae

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Orange harvestman (Order Opiliones)

Orange harvestman (Order Opiliones)

Sclerobunus nondimorphicus, a small orange harvestman. As harvestmen go, this species is well suited for dried collections because the legs aren't so long as to be unmanageable. 

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Taracus Harvestman

buy dead Taracus opiliones harvestman

Family Sabaconidae (juveniles only)

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Phoretic Mite

Phoretic Mite Buy Dead

 Mites found hitchhiking on other arthropods.

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