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Bee Fly

Bee Fly buy dead Bombyliidae dried specimen

Family Bombyliidae

  • Price: $3.00

Blue Bottle Fly Life Cycle

bluebottle fly buy dead blow flies dried

Family Calliphoridae (AKA Blow Fly). Life Cycle vial includes larva, pupa and adult.

  • Price: $5.00

Dance Fly

Dance Fly buy dead Empididae dried

Family Empididae

  • Price: $3.00

House Fly

house fly buy dead muscidae diptera

Family Muscidae (available in bulk)

  • Price: $2.00

Phantom Crane Fly

Buy Dead Phantom Crane Fly Dried

Family Ptychopteridae

  • Price: $5.00

Scuttle Fly

Scuttle Fly buy dead phoridae flies

Family Phoridae, Phorid Flies

  • Price: $2.00

Tachinid Fly

Tachinid Fly buy dead tachinidae

Family Tachinidae

  • Price: $4.00

Western Clusiid Fly

Clusiidae Fly buy dead Dried Specimen

Family Clusiidae, Clusia occidentalis

  • Price: $4.00

Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly buy

Family Stratiomyidae

  • Price: $2.00

Blue Bottle Fly

bluebottle fly buy dead blow flies dried

Family Calliphoridae (Bluebottle fly, AKA Blow Fly...available in bulk at discounts)

  • Price: $2.00


buy dead midge Chironomidae

 Family Culicidae (Adult)

  • Price: $3.00

Mosquito Larva

Mosquito Larva buy

Family Culicidae (LARVA, immature specimen)

  • Price: $3.00

Mosquito Pupa

Mosquito pupa buy

Family Culicidae (PUPA--the cocoon-like immature stage)

  • Price: $3.00

Deer Fly

Deer Fly buy dead dried Chrysops

Family Tabanidae, Subfamily Chrysopsinae

  • Price: $4.00

Drone Fly

buy dead flower fly

Family Syrphidae

  • Price: $3.00


Drosophila melanogaster buy dead

Family Drosophilidae (wild caught specimens of what is probably Drosophila melanogaster)

  • Price: $2.00

Dung Fly

dung fly scathophagidae buy

Family Scathophagidae

  • Price: $4.00

Horse Fly

Horse Fly buy dead dried Tabanus

Family Tabanidae, Subfamily Tabaninae 

  • Price: $4.00

Flesh Fly

buy dead flesh fly

Family Sarcophagidae

  • Price: $3.00

Flower Fly

Flower Fly buy dead Syrphidae

Family Syrphidae

  • Price: $3.00

Giant Fungus Gnat

Fungus gnat buy

Family Mycetophilidae

  • Price: $2.00

Giant Western Crane Fly

buy dead Giant Western Crane Fly

Family Tipulidae

  • Price: $6.00

Golden Green Soldier Fly

Sargus Soldier Fly buy golden dried dead

Family Stratiomyidae, Subfamily Sarginae

  • Price: $3.00

Green Bottle Fly

Lucilia sericata green bottle fly dead buy dried

Family Calliphoridae

  • Price: $4.00

Hydei Fruit Fly

fruit fly buy dead Drosophila hydei

Family Drosophilidae (available in bulk/discounts)

  • Price: $2.00

Laboratory Fruit Fly

buy dead Drosophila melanogaster fruit fly

Family Drosophilidae, Drosophila melanogaster (wingless)

  • Price: $1.00

Large Crane Fly

buy dead crane fly tipulidae

Family Tipulidae (no guarantee on legs staying attached...very fragile)

  • Price: $3.00

March Fly

March fly buy

Family Bibionidae

  • Price: $3.00

Marsh Fly

Marsh Fly Buy Dead dried Sciomyzidae

Family Sciomyzidae

  • Price: $3.00


buy dead midge Chironomidae

Family Chironomidae

  • Price: $2.00

Moth Fly

buy dead moth fly psychodidae

Family Psychodidae

  • Price: $2.00

Mydas Fly

Black Soldier Fly buy

Family Mydidae

  • Price: $4.00

Pediciid Crane Fly

buy dead Pediciid Crane Fly

Family Pediciidae

  • Price: $3.00

Robber Fly

Robber Fly buy dead dried

Family Asilidae

  • Price: $4.00

Small Crane Fly

small crane fly buy dead

Family varies

  • Price: $3.00

Hemerodromiinae Dance Fly

Dance Fly buy dead Embidae dried Hemerodromiinae

Family Empididae, Subfamily Hemerodromiinae

  • Price: $3.00

Snipe Fly

Snipe fly buy dead Rhagionidae

Family Rhagionidae

  • Price: $4.00